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    Optical switching has seen widespread adoption in wide area data communications networks. Since faster optical switching technologies are needed in data centers and enterprise network infrastructure, high-graded fiber optics transceivers play an influential role to high speed data networking.

    Fiber to the desk(FTTD) can be widely used for mission critical networks, and LAN networks. It is useful for increasing bandwidth availability, transferring large amounts of data at high transmission rates, and bringing service to locations where power is limited or not available. FTTD provides a more secure connection for organizations who are concerned about hacking or security threats, such as Commercial Banks, State or Federal Governments, and Department of Defense.

    Small computing systems, such as mini PCs and thin clients, are replacing traditional desktop PCs. Those do not have space for standard PCI or PCIe cards, so It’s necessary to install Network Interface Cards(NICs) with small form factor to provide fiber connectivity. Our mini SFF transceivers provide the optimal solution for NICs of mini PCs or other small computing systems.

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