OMC TECH partners with Winmate

OMC TECH rugged business group is thrilled to announce our sales partnership with Winmate Inc., an esteemed global leader in the development of state-of-the-art rugged, mobile technologies tailored specifically for demanding environments.

Winmate excels in offering an extensive range of products that excellently cater to diverse industrial requirements. The comprehensive portfolio encompasses rugged handheld computers, rugged tablets, rugged laptops, panel PCs, industrial displays, and embedded systems. These cutting-edge solutions empower businesses with efficient and readily deployable options, greatly accelerating time-to-market.

By collaborating with Winmate, businesses gain the advantage of thriving in challenging conditions while benefiting from the innovative and reliable solutions provided by Winmate.

Georgine Lin is the management overseeing rugged business operations. Our rugged business group focuses on delivering a diverse range of rugged products including smartphones, handheld computers, tablets, laptops, panel PCs, and IoT gateways.

In addition to our robust hardware offerings, we provide comprehensive software integration services such as PoC (Push to talk over cellular) and IT Security Packages. These solutions cater to the needs of various enterprise and institutional customers across industries such as utilities, logistics, transportation, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, and public safety.

We are committed to offering top-notch rugged mobile devices and software solutions that meet the unique demands of our customers in challenging environments. With our extensive product portfolio and expertise in software integration, we look forward to serving the needs of enterprises and institutions seeking reliable and secure mobile solutions.