OMC TECH Corporation Signed Video Signal Srl as Value-Added Distributor in Italy

OMC TECH announced today that the company has signed an agreement with Video Signal, an Italian-based company, as a value-added distributor in Italy. Both companies are excited about the new partnership as it will further enhance service quality and customer coverage with the strong broadcasting solutions provided by OMC TECH and a solid base of TV sector customers of Video Signal.

The leading position of Video Signal as the distributor of broadcasting solutions has been built upon the company’s track record of success in past decades. Strong manpower of sales and technical support is one of the advantages of the company. “As broadcasting and live streaming solutions require intensive customization per respective customer’s needs, the highly competent and professional salesforce of Video Signal is a great addition to OMC TECH footprint in Italy while we are aiming at growing business in the broadcasting sector”, said Kevin Chen, CEO of OMC TECH.

By leveraging the new partnership with Video Signal, OMC TECH is very confident in business growth in Italy in the near future. The focused product offering from OMC TECH includes SDI Fiber Converters, SDI Distribution Amplifiers, SDI/HDMI Converters, HDMI Optical Extenders, HDMI KVM Optical Extenders, and more. The product portfolio of OMC TECH supports audio and video system integration for broadcasting video streaming and multiple transitions from analog to digital broadcasting.

OMC TECH, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is dedicated to developing Broadcast/ProAV related products and solutions. Key customer sectors of the company include broadcast equipment solution providers, broadcast & ProAV distributors, and system integrators.